sandyklienmanfinalsweb-153Discovering my relationship with whole foods has become the recipe for my life.

Happiness starts with good health, and good health starts with food. What you put in your mouth is going to make a difference in your life. It’s time to rewrite the recipe of your life. Good health can be achieved by putting the right foods in our bodies. I have dedicated over a decade studying the relationship between food and our overall health and well being, and then sharing my knowledge as a nutrition educator/chef. By hosting culinary classes and health and wellness salons, I am able to combine my love of cooking and my passion for nutrition in a way that will inspire you to make everyday healthy choices in a fun, easy and sustainable way.

Eating Healthy Should Be Normal

Everything we eat should support our optimal health. We need to get back to the kitchen and get reacquainted with real whole foods. We need to understand how our food supports us. Great taste and nutrition can coexist. At Healthy Culinary Coach, I teach private and group cooking classes where I demonstrate how food translates to delicious, robust, easy to prepare meals – and I do it in a fun, hands on environment. I create that simple bridge between great tasting food and vibrant health. I teach people how that happens with joy and love.

Not only is eating the right foods essential, but understanding how certain foods and lifestyle choices contribute to our optimal health is also very important. Thats why I lead salons and workshops with experts in the field of Food as Medicine, in which we delve into active discussions about how properly nourishing ourselves will have a positive and long lasting affect on our overall wellness, mind, body and spirit. And, of course I prepare and serve dishes that support our discussion topics!

Educational Background

A New York native, Sandy has lived in the Bay Area for 20 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree from NYU. After attending Bauman College of Holistic Training and Culinary Arts where she studied Nutritional Education. A life- long cook and student, Sandy continues to stay current and on the cutting edge of health and wellness. Continuing education includes:

Nutrition Educator, Bauman College 2010
Certificate: CMBM Food as Medicine June 2012
Certificate: Mind Body Medicine – Level 1 September 2012
Dr. Andrew Weil Nutrition & Health Conference 2012
American Academy of Anti-Aging 2012
Certified Level 1 Healing Touch December 2012
Certified Level 2 Healing Touch March 2013
The Gluten Summit 2013
The Institute for Functional Medicine Perspectives on Food and Nutrition 2014
Integrative Medicine Symposium 2013, 2014, 2015
Food and Spirit Certification Program 2015
Ornish Lifestyle Training 2015